16 Posts for 2016: Year-End Roundup of Our Most Popular Posts


It was a big year: expanded text ads launched, LinkedIn finally got conversion tracking, there were changes galore in all of the social channels, Bing Ads Editor for Macs became a real thing and so much more. We kicked off 2016 making resolutions and we end by looking back at our top 16 posts from the most exciting year yet in PPC.

16. How Valuable Are PPC Skills Anyway?

15. How To Setup Conversion Value Tracking For Your Online Shop

14. A Guide to Using Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnel Reports

13. 5 Strategies for Using AdWords Customer Match

12. Tracking Pixels Are Going Universal – Are You Ready?

11. 3 Reasons You Should Be Spying on Your AdWords Competitors

10. PPC Dynamic Search Ads: What You Need To Know

9. Two Audiences to Exclude in Your Next Facebook Lead Gen Campaign

8. Ad Copy For PPC Champions: Analysis & Best Practices

7. Is Ad Extension Overload Hurting Performance?

6. AdWords Scripts 101 + A Big List of Free Scripts

5. The BIG List: PPC Image Ad Sizes [INFOGRAPHIC]

4. 30+ PPC Blogs You Should Be Reading

3. The PPC Pro’s Intro to Pinterest Advertising

2. Why Are My Text Ads Working So Well On Google Display?

1. Conversion Tracking Has Come to LinkedIn!

As we prepare for 2017 improvements and developments, you can count us to continue delivering our thoughts, opinions and tips throughout the next year on the PPC industry. We hope you have a safe and happy start to 2017!

What would you like us to focus on in 2017? If there is a specific topic we can write on and cover, we’d love to hear it in the comments!