30+ PPC Blogs You Should Be Reading

man-791049_640One of the greatest things about this industry is that there are so many super-sharp people that are invested in sharing their knowledge. Open discussions about best practices (if there is such a thing), tips, strategies and results happen on the regular – and those discussions aren’t happening behind closed doors – they’re accessible to everyone! Whether it be on the #PPCchat hashtag, in a blog (or the comments) or at a conference networking event, this industry is full of people that love what they do, love to learn and love to talk shop. Because of that, I was able to come up with 30+ blogs – just off the top of my head – that are worth a read.

Whether you are trying to learn paid search, display, remarketing, or social advertising – or you’ve been in the industry for years, these blogs can help you further your knowledge.

The Industry Publications

Chances are, you’ve heard of these blogs. These are the publications that are syndicated from what I’ll call non-biased sources. They aren’t recruiting your business and they don’t have any obligation to sugarcoat. They exist with the goal of spreading industry news and publishing columns written by trusted sources. For those reasons, I generally think of these blogs as a sort of North Star of truth. (With that being said, the purpose of this whole post was to give you a variety of trustworthy blogs, so if the blog is on this list – I consider it to be a safe source.)

  1. Search Engine Land
  2. The SEM Post
  3. ClickZ
  4. Marketing Land
  5. Search Engine Journal
  6. Search Engine Watch

The Tools

One of my favorite things about blogs hosted by industry tools is that they often have a unique perspective due to their access to a ton of data from a variety of accounts. Beyond that, they sometimes have internal connections to get the scoop on changes before information is widely available. Last but not least, they tend to recruit some pretty good guest-posters.

  1. Unbounce
  2. SEM Rush
  3. Optmyzr Blog
  4. Acquisio
  5. Kenshoo
  6. Marin
  7. Wordstream
  8. Google Analytics Blog
  9. KISSmetrics
  10. Boost Media

The Advertising Platforms

If you’re looking for news, Betas, or new releases – who better to hear it from than straight from the horse’s mouth? These blogs will keep you in the loop about upcoming changes and they can also be a great resource for case studies and data points.

  1. The AdWords Blog
  2. The Bing Ads Blog
  3. The Facebook Blog
  4. The Twitter Ads Blog
  5. The Pinterest Blog

The Doers

There are tons of great blogs hosted by agencies and consultants in the industry. So many, in fact, that I’m certain that I’m missing a few that I like. These blogs (in no particular order) are the ones that are written by the people that are in the trenches, sharing their thoughts on trends, tips and strategy. Like I said, there are tons of blogs written by “doers” in the industry – but these are ones that I consider to be of high quality content.

  1. Merkle | RKG
  2. Zato
  3. Beyond The Paid
  4. 3Q Digital
  5. aimClear
  6. Point It
  7. Certified Knowledge
  8. WebRanking
  9. Portent
  10. Neptune Moon
  11. PPC Hero
  12. WhiteShark Media

Don’t be shy – I know there are more awesome PPC blogs that I’m forgetting – tell me who I missed in the comments!