4 Reasons Why Outsourcing Your PPC Helps You Grow Without the Growing Pains

As more advertising spend migrates to online advertising (including PPC), traditional ad agencies and online advertisers are facing the decision to either DIY their PPC accounts or engage a PPC agency. Here are four big resource saving reasons why hiring a PPC agency allows you more flexibility and less risk while growing your agency services or marketing plan. In other words, grow without the growing pains (oh those Seavers!).

Saves money and embarrassment.

It is a very, very bad idea to learn PPC management with your own dime. It only takes minutes for poorly constructed campaigns to waste an embarrassing and damaging amount of money. Not to mention the opportunities lost on campaigns that were not optimized to their highest potential. PPC agency fees seem very small in comparison to out of control or nonproductive spending.

Keeps your team lean and focused.

As budgets increase or decrease, or as clients come and go, your volume of PPC work will fluctuate and your staffing needs will change.   Hiring and firing is time consuming and expensive. Your PPC agency should be an extension of your team. A good agency will have multiple experienced eyes on your account, including a strategist, a lead campaign manager and supporting mangers. Outsourcing your PPC management allows you to keep your current team lean and focused on whatever tasks you originally hired them to do. They are experts at that, not PPC.

Access to shiny new tools.

Precise PPC management requires the latest precision tools for bid management, reporting, tracking, analytics, etc.  These tools are expensive and require many hours of user training. A good PPC agency will already own and expertly use these tools for you.

Access to Google reps.

PPC agencies have multiple accounts and manage significant ad spend. This means they have dedicated Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn reps (among others) who will answer a call or email quickly. This relationship is especially important when something has gone terribly wrong (“I’ve made a huge mistake.“).

If managed properly, PPC is an effective way to expand your agency services or marketing plan. Engaging a PPC agency to partner with your team saves time and money, and adds the value of experienced experts and valuable tools. DIY projects can be fun, but some projects are best given to the experts. Ask me about the guy who misplaced a decimal in GAW and cost his company $20,000 in one day!