4 Tips For Getting The Most From Your Agency Reps

As an agency, we have several different partner reps (Facebook, Bing, Google, Kenshoo, and the list goes on…) We consider ourselves pretty fortunate to work with really great reps that are eager to help. That said, whether or not a rep can be truly helpful kind of depends on what you are asking for and how much information you’re providing. Here are some tips for making sure that you are getting the most from your agency reps.

lift on threeKeep An Open Line of Communication

Sure, this is pretty vague, but it really is important. Sometimes we get busy, and a meeting with a rep is one of the easiest meetings to cut – mostly because it isn’t a client. But the less we communicate, the less our reps are able to help us.  A meeting might not always be necessary, especially if your calendar is booked, but try to keep your reps looped in via emails at least. The more looped in they are, the better able they are to make proactive suggestions.

We try to keep our reps looped in on four things: client performance, concerns, shifts in client goals, and potential clients in the sales pipeline.

Plan Ahead

If you do have a meeting on the calendar, don’t show up empty handed. Coordinate agenda topics and come prepared to chat. Guiding the conversation will ensure that you cover the top priorities on your list.

In the spirit of planning ahead (and keeping an open line of communication), it’s beneficial to give your reps a heads up when you have something coming down the pipeline. Whether it be a sales pitch or a presentation that you’d like to have some slides for or a big Q4 push that you need to prepare for, your reps can help you out. Just remember, they’re busy too, so a little heads up is always appreciated.

Ask About Betas

We all love betas. Keeping your reps in the loop on your clients’ focus points and goals will help ensure that when a beta crosses their desk, your clients are top of mind. With that said, it never hurts to ask about betas. They have a lot of accounts to consider and it’s always possible that a relevant client may have slipped through the cracks. It’s equally possible that a client’s goals may have shifted or a new client may have been on-boarded since your last meeting. The moral of the story: ask about betas!

Ask About Trends

We can all pull trends from Google Insights (and I highly encourage it!) but reps have access to more data points on the back end. Not to mention they usually have additional tools you didn’t even know existed. If you ever have questions about search trends, reach out to your reps. If they can help, they certainly will.

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