5 Blog Posts to Expand Your Excel Expertise

Excel is your window to a more productive world. The more formulas, hacks, Excel Logoand shortcuts you can learn – the better. But you already knew that! We love pivot tables, the concatenate function, vlookups, removing duplicates and conditional formatting as much as the next guy. If you haven’t brushed up your working knowledge on those skills (and a few more!), you should check out this post. If you’re looking to branch out even further (do it, do it!), you should check out the posts below for potentially some lesser-known Excel productivity tips.

The Correlation Function – This handy function can be used to determine if there’s a correlation between efforts and results. In this post, Kevin Klein provides an example where he uses this function to determine if online marketing efforts appear to correlate with offline revenue.

Bing Ads Intelligence – Bing Ads Intelligence can be incredibly handy for a variety of different uses. Check out this post to see some of the different ways that Bing Ads pairs up with Excel to increase your productivity!

Left, Right, and Proper Function – This post has a smattering of lesser-known functions that can help improve productivity. Learn how to easily capitalize the first letter of each word in a string, how to grab select parts of cells, and more.

Setting Up Macros – Learn how to set up macros to record and automate repetitive tasks so that you can quickly reuse them in future spreadsheets. (Bonus: this post covers much more than just macros.)

Campaign Build Template – Spoiler alert: free tool! Whiteshark Media put together a campaign template to make campaign builds more productive.  Read through their logic, download it, and tweak it to suit your needs. As a bonus, Aaron provides several explanations for several helpful Excel functions.

I hope you enjoy these posts as much as I did and I’m sure you will! Are there any functions or posts about Excel tips that I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add them in!