5 Reasons Why Facebook Power Editor is My BFF

Running Facebook Ads? Then you feel my pain when it comes to the clunky interface, it’s no secret that the Facebook Ads Manager UI leaves much to be desired when it comes to usability. Thankfully Facebook also provides an awesome tool called Power Editor. This tool is fantastic for quickly and easily managing Facebook Ads campaigns, particularly when advertisers have a lot of campaigns to deal with.

The Power Editor allows for bulk edits of campaign settings, targeting, bids, budgets, and dates. Other great features allow for easy management of creative elements across ads, campaigns, and even accounts. Advertisers can also track performance of campaigns directly inside the Editor and find some hidden targeting gems which I’ll talk about in a later post. For now, I’d like to point out a few awesome time saving features that will save you tons of time.

Managing Promoted Posts

Promoted posts are a great way for advertisers to cut through the edgrank and reach a larger number of their fans. However, these can be hard to keep track of or manage across multiple posts and pages. Power Editor allows for easy inventory, performance review, and advertisers can even find post performance metrics housed right inside the editor to guide their promoted post strategies.



Similar to AdWords Labels, the Facebook Power Editor provides a Labels feature that lets advertisers organize campaigns into groups. When creating a campaign the option is available to add a label to the campaign and each label has a folder that shows up in the left navigation of the editor. Multiple labels may be applied to campaigns for easy organization of the larger accounts within the editor.

Campaigns are neatly organized by default into categories based on campaign status, but this feature comes in handy for organizing by goals, strategies, or for marking campaigns that need work.

Image Library

Power Editor saves all of your creative in one nice library so they can be easily applied to new ads for later use. Each image is also neatly cataloged with all of the ads it has made an appearance in for easy reference.

Saved Target Groups

Saved Target Groups allow advertisers to create audience targets and save them for later use. This is a huge time saver when creating a large number of campaigns with the same or similar target. Save each target as it’s created and simply apply it to ads as they are created later.

Excel Bulk Sheets

Power Editor also works with bulk sheets. Advertisers can use excel worksheets to create campaigns in mass quantities and upload or copy and paste them into the editor. Another great time saver.

If you haven’t tried the Power Editor, check it out. This tool can really help save time and frustration when dealing with large numbers of Facebook Ads campaigns. You can find it in the left navigation of the UI once you log into Facebook Ads Manager.