A (Frustrating) Day in the Life of a PPC Marketer

The following post is an ode to the recent experiences of the Clix team. It seems that any given day, one or more members of our team are having problems using the many advertising interfaces, complete with frustrating error screens. It’s gotten bad enough that we now have a running internal joke about the issues we’re facing and we thought that you might like to join in on our joke. We’ve heard many of you on Twitter having the same issues. Hopefully, this lets you know that you’re not the only one. 

The sun was shining brightly today as I opened up my laptop to begin my workday. Per my usual routine, I sat with my cup of coffee to review my favorite blogs and Twitter before checking my calendar followed by email. My day wasn’t full of meetings, so I was excited to crank out a lot of project work. I reviewed my ever-growing to-do list to get my priorities straight before jumping in, ready to have my most productive day in a long time.

I decided to start off in LinkedIn, hoping that maybe beating the morning rush in the interface would help speed it up.  Wishful thinking because I didn’t get very far before I got this message:

Not feeling deterred, I thought I’d just try again, but was met with another unusual obstacle:

Hmmm.  I hadn’t ever seen that one before. Feeling a little like Alice in Wonderland, I hit “Try again” and phew – didn’t lose everything!

With two more tasks to go, I couldn’t believe that anything else could go wrong, but somehow, it did.

Yikes! This was unbelievable! I asked around if anyone else was having trouble with LinkedIn, but no one else was working in that platform at the time. Just my luck. So I told my self to try again one last time but ended up seeing red instead!

What in the name of the PPC Gods was going on?  So, I contacted support, trying to stay calm, but nearly lost it when the representative said they couldn’t find the code! Huh?

I knew I had to just be done with LinkedIn for the Day.

Time to move on to Facebook. I needed to Duplicate a campaign and was excited to see that Instagram Stories placements were now available.

Pretty cool! I wanted to understand this option completely, so I clicked on the “Learn More” link, only to be met with:

Oh well.  Not the end of the world. Moving on, I went to add some additional audiences to one ad set and was amazed at the niche I found!

Maybe things were looking up after all! Time for Bing. Contrary to it’s LI counterpart, I trucked right along in my tasks, until one little roadblock:

Maybe Bing Ads and Facebook were actually teaming up because they were both having trouble loading pages. Hmmm.

In the spirit of a positive attitude, I tried to refresh.

Aaaand now I just want some ice cream.

Ok, let’s get outta here then.

Last up…Adwords.  My old faithful and rock of all my PPC efforts. Surely Adwords would be kind to me. I logged in and started to check in on performance. Working on a Quality Score script, I noticed something was just a little off:

In just a few moments, I was confronted with this all too familiar request.

It’s an amazing new interface, so I’m shocked at how many times a day I see this. On checking in at a landing page test, I thought, “This must be the longest day ever! I really need to schedule that eye doctor check up I’ve been meaning to schedule.”

I rubbed my eyes harder than a magic lamp, but apparently, I made a wish I didn’t mean to make:

Signed back in, I decided to cheat and go back to the Old UI. I’ve been working diligently to work in the new interface, but after this day, I just couldn’t take it anymore and navigated back. I was working fine for awhile, but then, the yellow warning!

NOOOOO!!!!! Full capabilities!? I clenched my fists and visions of a certain baseball bat scene in “Office Space” came flooding into my brain.  I found myself in a field, mentally swinging an at Adwords logo pinatas. It felt sooo good to knock it down. Finished with my triumph, I was dismayed to see that Google still reigned…just in a new shape.

I took a deep breath, opened my eyes and shut my laptop. Walking away, I smiled and wondered if it was actually Ground Hogs Day and I’d get to do it all again tomorrow.