A PPC Carol: The Ghost of PPC Past

Our story begins in the office of Ebenezer Scroogle. Once again, as the calendar turns from November to December, he hears the chatter about Cyber Monday and Christmas Sales, to which he replies with his usual “Bah Humbug”. However, this holiday season will not be like all the others for Ebenezer Scroogle is due to be visited by 3 ghosts to remind him of the value of the holiday season and how it can help him treasure the PPC season.

Ebenezer Scroogle

The Ghost of PPC Past

Ebenezer’s first visitor comes on Cyber Monday. It’s his old partner Jacob Miva. He tells him about how he ignored PPC best practices in his day and it cost him dearly. To avoid a similar fate, he warns Ebenezer to pay attention to the past. Namely, these top posts from the Clix Marketing blog that were the most read in 2014:

After reading, Ebenezer sees the wisdom of learning from the past. Now he wonders what to expect in his next visit from the Ghost of PPC Present.