Advanced Targeting Hidden in Facebook Power Editor

Earlier this month I told you guys about 5 Reasons Why Facebook Editor Is My BFF. This week I’ve got more good stuff for you on Facebook Editor. There are a few advanced targeting options hidden inside this fantastic tool.

Check these out, I think they’ll save you time and get your creative segmentation juices flowing!

Partner Categories

Partner categories are really great in that you can use them to reach users who perform certain behaviors, have an affinity to purchasing similar products, have similar interests, or have taken certain actions that indicate they are in a certain mindset. For example, you can target people who are heavy buyers of health and wellness products, or who have taken actions that indicate they may be shopping for a new car.

Partner categories include users who live in the US and they are categorized based on their Facebook activity.


Custom Audiences

Custom audiences may cross the line for some Facebook users, as personal information is made available for targeting advertising. Custom audiences allow advertisers to use email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs or app user ID’s to target individual users. This is done by cross referencing contact information from contact management systems with the information those users have provided to Facebook.

Once you’ve identified the list of specific users from within your CMS, you are able to use Power Editor to find those users on Facebook for targeting ads. The list is hashed before it is sent to Facebook, where the system matches the encrypted data against Facebook’s active user base building a custom audience in your account. Custom Audiences are a stand-alone targeting segment, which means you can also use them to exclude user segments as well.

Great use cases for Custom Audiences include reaching loyalty program members, credit card members, and frequent customers with special offers. This is one really great way to use FB ads to drive social commerce.

Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences are work a bit like AdWords Similar Audience targeting; they let you reach new people who may be interested because they are similar to an audience who is interested. Lookalike Audiences are really great to use in partnership with Custom Audiences. Once you’ve created a Custom Audience based off of actual customer information from your CMS, you can then create a lookalike audience that targets people who are similar to that list. This is a great strategy for broadening your reach to a more relevant audience based on actual customer information.

Take a look through these awesome hidden features inside the Power Editor and make your Facebook ad dollars work harder for you with tighter relevance in your ad copy to audience targets.

Do you love the Facebook Power Editor? Did I miss any super cool features? Let me know in the comments!