AdWords Editor Version 11.1 Is Full of Goodies

It’s very rare that I break out any kind of happy dance/shuffle/wiggle, but it happened today, guys. AdWords released the latest version of Editor. Two words: Label Support.

There was universal rejoicing at the announcement today, for many reasons. Let’s break down all the shiny new stuff that is now in Editor to continue to make our AdWords lives easier!

Label Support

OMG look, there it is. Aw yeah!


You can now add a column for your labels, and they are imported in all of their color-coded glory. You can also edit them in the Labels menu that now exists in the footer:


You can click on “Edit” from there, and select which labels to apply or un-apply:


They also added the ability to add labels on a more massive scale – take a peek in the Shared Library section, and you’ll see your labels are now there, too!



Call Only Ad Support

There was a lot of grumbling when Call Only Ads rolled out, but there was no bulk support for them in Editor. Thankfully, this has also been fixed, though it’s a little different than I expected. When you set up a new Campaign in the AdWords interface, there’s a sub-group selection for Call Only Ads:


However, if you create one in Editor, you still pick Search as your Campaign type…where you specify that it’s Call-Only is actually in the Ads Section.

NoCallOnly   COAds


It has columns for all of the information you already input to set up a Call Only campaign, like Country of phone number, two description lines, and the verification URL for the phone number. (And Labels! DID I MENTION THE LABELS? Probably.)

Mobile App Type

For those accounts where you run display and are open to having them in Mobile Apps, you have greater control now via Editor. You can specify app category type you’d like your ads to show on or not show on. This is located in the Manage section under Keywords and Targeting:


Clicking on Mobile App Category will give you a menu where you can choose app category type based on provider (Google Play, Apple, or Windows Phone Apps), and further on the category within each by expanding your selection:



Sweet, Sweet Filtering

One of the things that I never quite felt ok with in AWE 11 was specifying what I actually wanted to be looking at. The interface felt limiting and a little clunky to filter for. They have helped fix this by adding some filtering options, when you can see appear as drop-down arrows next to the Campaigns and Manage sections, with all kinds of options:

campaign_tree manage_tree


Other goodies

Upgraded URLs: Hopefully you’ve been aware of the upgraded URL roll-out in July. They have also added support for this to help you save massive amounts of updating time!

Parental Status & Custom Affinity Audiences: Also located in the Keywords and Targeting section, you can specify a display audience that is Parent, Non Parent, or Unknown. You can also set them as negative audiences. In this same section they have also added Affinity Audience support – just click on the Audiences tab, and it will show as an option when you click “Add Audience.”

This was just a brief recap of all the fun stuff released in the latest edition of AdWords Editor. For more information, check out the AdWords announcement and the release notes!