AdWords Expanded Broad Match Needs to Change

Most of you already know that Google’s relatively new “expanded broad match” is causing a medium-sized furor among AdWords advertisers. The problem is that broad match keywords are being matched to synonyms that are not at all applicable to the product/service being advertised, causing ads to appear when they shouldn’t, reducing CTR and increasing expensive,  non-converting clicks.

We’ve blogged about the problem in the past, Tim Daly first described  his experiences here, And today Janel Landis & Dorothy Weaver posted this describing the fact that the problem may be worse than previously reported.

We discussed the issue with our Google agency reps last week, and they told us that complaints are getting louder.

They need to get louder still.  At the very least advertisers should have the option to turn expanded broad match off, and revert back to good-old-fashioned plain-vanilla broad match.

We encourage you to contact your Google rep and voice this strong opinion. Be polite – they’re not the ones who decided to implement the ‘feature,” and they can’t make the decision to change it – but they can and will convey your concerns to AdWords Engineering.