All I Want For Christmas From LinkedIn

li ads psycho

In the spirit of the holidays and as an addition to our wish list for AdWords I would like to give LinkedIn my wish for the one tool I desperately need on their self-serve PPC platform.

A Bulk Editor

Let me tell you a story. The story begins with me working on a fairly large LinkedIn advertiser’s account. We were targeting CXOs and VPs in the same campaigns and we wanted to split those out into separate campaigns so we could track them independent of one another. The first step in this process involved duplicating each original campaign and changing the ad copy, tracking URLs & seniority targeting. This by itself took quite a long time and involved several time-outs.

Then, I had to go back into each original campaign and edit the seniority targeting to drop the VP seniority. We’re talking hours of my time here.

While performing this mindless, repetitive task I couldn’t help but think of how easy a similar task would have been in Google Adwords Editor or the BingAds Desktop Tool. I would have simply highlighted all the campaigns I wanted to clone, changed their targeting to CXO (all at once mind you). Then I would have done a quick copy/paste to duplicate them. I then would have changed the targeting to VP (again, all at once), done a find/replace on the CXO in the ad copy to have it say VP instead, and then I would have to individually change the tracking URLs.

The entire time would have been easily cut by 2/3 with an editor tool. LinkedIN, make it happen!