Lay Down Your Freakin’ Swords: An Open Letter to Third Door and Incisive

Guys. Dudes. My Friends.

We’re all lucky to be in a dynamic, fun, fascinating industry together. And at a time when the demand for what all we offer far outstrips the supply.

All this chatter about who should, and should not, promote what to whom is soooo distracting and time-consuming. My clients are asking me what’s going on, and I’d prefer to spend our precious time talking about how we can improve their PPC campaigns.

The Enemies are not inside our circles. They are outside – and they’re not really enemies. They’re paradigms that need to be shifted. They’re The Old and The New. Like, traditional views that advertising audiences can’t be monitored and measured. And “conventional wisdom” about the difficulty of demographic/behavioral targeting, that years ago seemed probitively expensive and out of reach of “smaller advertisers.”

One of y’all just needs to disengage. Not capitulate. Just say to the other: “Whatever,” cut down on the de-constructive reams of posts and comments, and carry on with the business of providing and facilitating valuable, constructive, thought-and-discussion-provoking content.

As an author/speaker for both sides, I want you both to prosper. And there’s plenty of room for you both to do so, without losing out to the other.