Be a PPC co-Rockstar: Free Advice on YOUR PPC Campaign

I’m offering you a chance to get some free consultation for your PPC campaign. It will be the main emphasis when we tape an upcoming installment of my show, PPC Rockstars. The show will be taped this coming Friday, 6/13 at 2 PM PDT. My guest, Mary Huffman of ionic media, is an expert on landing page design and quality score topics. Together we’ll look over your landing page or ad/keyword set and give you expert advice that you (and our listeners) will be able to benefit from right away.

To participate, send me an email using this form on this blog. If you want us to critique your landing page, send the exact URL; if you want us to give advice on an ad/keyword set, include both in your email. Also include your Skype handle or a land line phone number – we may opt to call you during the taping. Note that we WILL be referring to you and your landing pages, ads, etc. during the show – so only volunteer if you’re not easily embarrassed.

The show will “air” on 6/16 or 6/23. If this format goes well, we’ll be doing it more frequently.