Bing Ads + Android App = Winning

bing-ads-giantB-word-1920My management of PPC campaigns pre-dates smartphones. Being forced to check stats from a computer was just part of the gig from the start. As smartphones, and later tablets, came around and advanced mobile computing – there’s been an appalling lack of apps for digital advertisers. Consider this nugget – Google AdWords wouldn’t load properly in mobile browsers for a long time.

Fast forward to 2015 (8 years after the launch of the iPhone, but I digress) – Google launches an AdWords app. But in their endless battle with Apple, said AdWords app is only available on Android. Facebook Ads actually managed to sneak in basic reporting and management of ads in the native Facebook app last year, but released a clean stand alone app a few months back.

Bing Ads released an iOS app a few months ago – at the time it seemed like a comical nightmare. Bing Ads on iOS, AdWords on Android and advertisers stuck screaming, “Noooooo!!!!!” But Bing wasn’t finished – they already had an Android app in the works, iOS was just first-to-market. Not only did they develop an app for both platforms, but they had ACTUAL ADVERTISERS who were iOS users test the iOS version and Android users test the Android version. Pretty smart – and falls very much in Bing’s customer-feedback-centric approach of the past few years.

Now digital advertisers have a growing suite of campaign analysis, reporting and (basic) management apps.

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What can the Bing Ads Android app do? Well, it isn’t mind-bending technology – but that’s precisely what makes it great. It is a clean, simple utility for…

  • Analyzing performance stats.
  • Adjusting budgets and keyword bids.
  • Pause / resume campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords.
  • Alerts (mostly billing at this time).

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Now that Bing has their app running on both iOS and Android they have definitely made this advertiser a happy man. I’ve had the opportunity to use the Android app now for a few weeks and put it to good use while traveling. This app does it’s job – no muss, no fuss.

Download the Bing Ads app for Android and iOS… you can thank me later.

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