Mac Users: 4 Bing Ads Editor Features to Check Out

Recently, something happened that I’ve been wishing and hoping for for over 6 years: Bing Ads Editor for Mac!

Bing Ads Editor Mac

Please view this image with the 2001: A Space Odyssey theme song in your head.

In honor of one of the greatest moments of my life, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite features and functions of the Bing Ads Editor.

Advanced Search

Advanced search allows you to set multiple parameters in order to find items with certain attributes. For example, suppose you want to view all your converting keywords that are below position 2.5.

First, make sure you download your performance statistics for the date range you want to analyze. Then click the Advanced search button. From the Search for items that match these criteria section, select values from the column drop-downs. In the example above, we choose conversions greater than 0 and avg. position greater than 2.5. In the filters, a greater number position means lower down on the page.

Bing Ads Editor Advanced Search

If this is a filter you’ll use often, you can save the filtered view you’ve created.  Click search and the filtered keywords will be displayed in the Summary Grid.

You can use the filtered view to quickly make optimizations to your account. Maybe we want to make sure all of our converting keywords are in top positions. In this case, we can select all of the keywords in our filtered list and adjust the bids all at once.

Now, in the Editor pane we have a few options for how we want to adjust the bids. If we want to change them all to the same amount, you can adjust that in the bid box in the Editor pane. If we want to change the bids all by the same amount or percentage, we’ll need to utilize the advanced bid changes.

Advanced Bid Changes

Advanced bid changes allow you to set criteria for how you want to adjust bids and add constraints. You also have the option to raise bids to the estimated first page or top of page bid estimates.

In order to increase the avg. position for our converting keywords, we want to increase all of our current bids by $0.50.

Bing Ads Editor Bid Adjustments

Set any constraints you might have, click OK, and all of your bids are now updated.

Bid Estimates

If you aren’t sure what amount to set your keyword bids to, BAE bid estimates help you determine which bids will place your ad higher on a search results page.

To get bid estimations, choose your keywords. Then select Estimate bid from the top of the summary grid and click Get bid estimates. The Editor displays recommended bids for three different targeted positions: Est. first page bid, Est. mainline bid, and Est. best position bid. If keywords don’t get suggested bids, it’s because they are already competitive or data may be unavailable.

Bing Ads Editor Bid Estimates


Default Settings

Default settings might not be the most exciting feature, but it can help save you time if you set it up correctly. The default settings are what will be used if the campaigns you’re importing don’t specify a certain setting. You can choose a default budget type and acceleration, time zone, language and location settings, ad distribution, and keyword match type.

Bing Ads Editor Default Settings

Set these up in your account now so you don’t have to constantly update new campaigns to the settings you want.

If you’re a Mac ppc account manager, you’re likely just as excited as I am the new Bing Ads Editor. If you haven’t already, you can sign up to get access to Bing Ads Editor for Mac today.