Bing Ads Keeps Improving By Listening To Users

BingAds makes a concerted effort to listen to users. To that end they maintain a Feature Suggestion Forum where users can submit ideas as well as vote on the ideas that have already been submitted by the community. In the past I’ve voted on features and just today got this followup email:


As you can see, I had voted for them to add conversion rate stats at all levels. Since this feature had been added, they did a couple things:

  1. Notified me (thought I’d already seen it in the interface. I’m in there a lot)
  2. Gave me back the votes so I could vote for other features

First impression, this is really cool that they’re reporting back to voters and letting them know the feature has been added. Not everyone has time to keep up with all the changes across the various PPC advertising platforms and human beings are creatures of habit so it would be easy to continue doing things the way you’ve always done them and miss the benefit of the added feature. They even provide links to the relevant announcements if you want to get the full details.

Secondly, I like how BingAds connects their efforts to listen to user feedback with their publicity efforts. Reminds me of the whole “If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?” idea.

Now if they’d just get that Mac version of BingAds Editor…