Bing Ads Launches Action Extensions

From the recent partnership to exclusively serve Yahoo search ads, to the rollout of custom audiences, Bing Ads continues to introduce new features for advertisers.

At the beginning of April, Bing launched Action Extensions, which allow you to include a call-to-action button with an ad in search results. This new extension is accessible globally in all languages currently available within Bing Ads. You can then link the button to a URL of your choice.

Action Extension Appearance

On a mobile device, the extension shows up as text beneath the ad.

Within a desktop browser, the extension appears as a button to the right of the main ad copy.

Action Extension Creation

To add an action extension, navigate to the Ad Extensions tab within Bing Ads. Select Action Extensions from the dropdown.

Now, click “Add new action extension” to create a new extension. You’ll then see a window where you can fill in the extension details.

Under “Action Text,” select the text you’d like to appear from a list of predefined options. You can also modify the language via the dropdown at the top.

Next, add in a final URL. Note that additional fields allow you to specify a separate mobile URL, as well as URL options.

Finally, a scheduling section at the bottom allows you to set a start and end date (a useful option for a limited-time offer). You can also set a schedule so the extension will only appear on select days of the week and times of day.

Once you’ve created an extension, you can add it to your account, campaign, or ad group. You’ll also be able to access previously created extensions for additional campaigns or ad groups. At the present time, you can add up to 20 action extensions to an account.

Once the extension is in place, you can view performance data within the Ad Extensions section.


We’re excited to see Bing innovate with a feature that’s unique to their platform and not simply a copy of a Google feature.

Have you tested Action Extensions in your campaigns yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!