Bucking Trends: Why SEM and WFH Are a Perfect Match


Make $76 dollars an hour FROM HOME with this one weird trick!

If you ask my family, they think that’s what I do. My sister-in-law even asked me to nanny their daughter “since you work from home.” My family may not take work-from-home seriously, but it is increasingly accepted – almost common – in our industry.

Clix has been office-free since 2008. Here are 10 reasons we love it.

  1. We hire talent from across the nation. Since we do not need an employee that can relocate, the world is our oyster when scouting for talent.
  2. Growth is easy and inexpensive. No office means no new office space when we hire.
  3. We are open early and close late. With team members across three time zones, we can sync our team members to our clients’ schedules.
  4. No commute. Traffic sucks and kills the Earth.
  5. Less tech problems. If a technical issue arises, it affects one team member.
  6. We don’t share germs. If a germ issue arises, it affects one team member.
  7. Casual Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. No one judges us by our outfit – just our work.
  8. Prevents burn out and stagnant thinking. “Office Space” taught us that if you add a case of the “Mondays” to being chained to a desk, it equals a burned down building.
  9. Low overhead. No rent, no utilities, no maintenance. Instead, we invest in a top team of PPC talent.
  10. We don’t annoy each other – much. Working remotely keeps us from getting under each other’s skin. No one tries to take my Swingline stapler and I can listen to my radio at an unacceptable volume if I like.

To go office-free you must have a team of self-motivated people who are passionate about their jobs. But really, why haven’t you done that already?

We communicate with Skype, Basecamp and Google Plus. And to avoid turning into socially challenged cave- dwelling Gollums, you will see us speaking at and attending SMX, SES, Hero Conf, etc.

Oh, that weird trick? Eat cinnamon.