Calling All PPC Rock Stars: Mild Fame Awaits You

Last Friday we started “taping” for my new weekly show, PPC Rockstars, which will be “broadcast” live every Monday from 4:00-4:30 PM EST (that’s GMT-5). I was very fortunate to have PPC icon Matt Van Wagner as my first guest, who dished up some golden nuggets about Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI). That show will be broadcast/podcast, and made available via iTunes and other channels, within the next few weeks.

In each show I’ll feature a guest and have a discussion about one particular aspect of PPC advertising. The goal will be to provide listeners with meaty tips and advice that they can use immediately to improve their PPC campaigns. Topics like conversion optimization, shopping process optimization, etc. are fair game.

There may be some interactivity involved – e.g. listeners may be able to call in to ask questions and/or give us urls to their landing pages for critique. In any event there is a page on this blog thatwill contain resources that my guests can refer to during the show – e.g. links to example pages, or embedded PowerPoint slides.

So, to all you PPC Rock Stars out there: First, apologies if you have not yet received a personal guest invitation from me. I may not have your email address, or I may have just screwed up. In any event, I’d really appreciate it if you would consider being one of my first guests. Our segment might be “taped” in advance or done live, and would take about an hour. You could participate from anywhere you have a good phone connection or a Skype phone. While the segments won’t be a sales pitch for your company, we will give out as much contact information as you’d like during the show, and also include links to your site on the PPC Rockstars page. Please contact me via the Contact Us page, and include a few suggested topics you might cover. Thanks!