Check Out The New Twitter Ads Manager Beta

If you’ve logged into your Twitter Ads account recently, you may have noticed a new look in your Ads Manager with their new beta. Today I’ll take you on a tour of the new interface to help you get familiar with the new options you’ll have.

Ads Manager Dashboard

Here is where you’ll start.

Twitter Ads Manager Beta

You’ll notice several new components:

  • 2 smaller performance graphs instead of 1 large one
  • Filters (more on these later)
  • Metrics (scroll down for more)


Filters are a god-send for large-scale Twitter advertisers with lots of campaigns running. Now you can choose to view campaigns (and their performance) by any of the four filtering methods:
Twitter Ads Manager Filters

  • Funding Instrument – you can select any or all of the funding methods you’ve got in your account; great for separating out spend that might be on different credit cards for different departments or initiatives
  • Objective – this is particularly helpful when separating out reporting; for example if you’ve got campaigns running to gain followers and want to see them separately from campaigns that are generating leads or website clicks
  • Status – clean and easy way to see campaigns that have exhausted their budget, draft campaigns or scheduled campaigns, etc.
  • Campaign name – pretty simple here, but if you’ve got a solid naming convention this will make your analysis, reporting and exporting much more efficient


These are a little more subtle because they’re hiding in a drop-down box. So let’s get a close-up:
Okay, so this allows you to pick from a few pre-built sets of data but also gives you the ability to customize your metrics (which I recommend). For this we need to go one more click down the rabbit hole, which looks like this:
Boom! Now we’re talking. Here you can build your own custom set of columns and save it for later use (bottom left corner). This is another big time saver over the existing interface where you’ve got to jump from one tab to another and you never get all the data in the same place. This is a nice improvement.


The new beta interface is easy to get used to and has a lot of time saving functionality that advertisers of all sizes can make use of. If you’re not in the beta, I’d recommend clicking the “Help?” link in the upper right and starting a chat with a Twitter rep to see if they’ll get you in. Good luck!