Coffee & Catch Up on #PPC With Clix Marketing: Monday, November 15, 2021

The countdown is on to Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2021, so we’ve included a few extra eCommerce posts in this edition of Coffee & Catch Up – enjoy and have a great week, readers!

From the Experts

Paid Search

Ad Copywriting for Google Business Ads [Part One]: With all the technical features available to advertisers in Google Ads, it can be easy to skip over integral areas like ad copy. Part one of this two part post proposes ideas to help you improve.

A Clear Google Ads Tutorial for Beginners: Probably one of the more thorough guides we’ve seen in a while! If you’re just getting started in PPC or are new to Google Ads, check out this complete tutorial to help get you started.

The 10 Latest Google Ads Updates – What You Should Know (AND Do): There are pretty consistent changes to the Google Ads platform and this post does a phenomenal job of pulling together the latest ten.

7 Ways to Hold Off New & Emerging Competitors in Google Ads: So you’ve brought a new, innovative product to market. Or maybe you found a way to put a new twist on an existing service, and it’s taken off in popularity. For a while, you dominate the paid search marketing space. But eventually, others see your success and develop their own product or service to claim part of the market. Here are seven legitimate ways to hold off upstart competitors in Google Ads.

New Features Out For Google Ads Editor Version 1.8: Make sure to go through the list and determine which new features will best serve your accounts and clients when you use Google Ads Editor.

Google Rolls Out Product Feed Support to More Video Campaign Types: Brands can now make any Video campaign more shoppable without having to create a separate Trueview for shopping campaign.

Google Ads Shopping Ads Bug Results in Huge CPC Increased; Issue Now Resolved: Google has confirmed a bug with its Google Shopping Ads product where the cost per click (CPC) prices spiked from 50% to over 200% over the weekend. The issue happened last night, Friday, November 12th between 9pm EST (6pm PST) through this morning, Saturday, November 13th at 12am EST (3am PST).

Paid Social

Is TikTok the Future of E-Commerce?: Through recently announced relationships with Shopify and Square, TikTok makes it possible for consumers to shop directly on the app. But businesses setting up storefronts are looking for e-commerce sales, not just more views and followers. And TikTok is where it’s at.

6 Facebook Ad Strategies Working for Us Right Now (Post iOS Updates): If you’ve seen a dip in the performance of your Facebook advertising campaigns, you’re not alone. This article shares six strategies found to drastically improve the performance of client campaigns in a post-iOS14 world.

TikTok Strategy – A Proven Growth Plan: Do you want to use TikTok to grow your following and your business? Are you looking for a strategy that works? In this article, you’ll learn a four-step method for creating TikTok content that will help you achieve your business goals.


8 Tips for Creating Successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday Campaigns on Facebook: Whether you work for an eCommerce business looking to drive online sales during Cyber Week, or you work for a local retailer that wants to take advantage of Black Friday or Small Business Saturday promotions – this article is for you! 

Q4 Strategy For Amazon Advertising In 2021 – How Do You Prepare?: Things are very different with Amazon PPC this year– inventory issues a-plenty and rising CPCs, to name a couple– but the folks over at AdBadger believe you’ll want to edit your budgets, bids, and marketing approach this holiday season.

How to Make Your Shopping Campaigns Profitable: When you advertise for products online, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that a positive ROAS means you’re turning a profit. To illustrate how misleading ROAS can be, this case study post outlines three hypothetical product groups in a shopping campaign and how other metrics can paint a different picture.

Black Friday – ‘Mega Sale Day’ Momentum: With Black Friday right around the corner, the retail / ecommerce sector is preparing for what experts in the industry are describing as ‘Mega Sale Day’ momentum. Days where sales can sky-rocket, where brands can see huge success in a short period of time, and where customers are surrounded by a sea of purchasing options.

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