Dynamic Ads are Coming to LinkedIn

It’s an exciting time to be an advertiser on LinkedIn. We recently received notice that there is now the option for Dynamic Ads in some of our LinkedIn accounts. According to the LinkedIn Marketing blog, this ad type should be available by the end of the week.

This new ad type will use LinkedIn user profile data to “automatically personalize ads at scale, so you can quickly launch your campaign.”

This is reportedly “the final native ad unit to become available on a self-service basis.”

Our accounts are able to set up the Dynamic campaigns, but have not gotten the ability to create the dynamic ads yet.

While looking at campaign set up, there appear to be some new features that seem to have rolled out with Dynamic Ads that are not currently available in other campaign types.

Interesting New Features

These are some features we noticed when examining the setup for a Dynamic Ad campaign.

Auto-Translate Feature

There is now an “auto translate” feature that will translate the ad text only to any of the languages below. Here is what LinkedIn says about this feature:

“The language you select is the language your ads will appear in. English is often selected as the default language, even in areas where a local language is available, to reach all users in a region. If you enable auto-translate, LinkedIn will automatically translate your ad into any supported language (listed in the dropdown menu) to match the language of your target audience. Auto-translate is not available for custom ad headline and custom ad description.”

This is an interesting option that we are looking forward to testing with our international clients.

Budget Pacing




There is now a budget pacing feature as well. This allows advertisers to select “automated daily budget pacing” which optimizes spending through the lifetime of the campaign. LinkedIn recommends this as the option for most advertisers. Manual daily budget pacing is the other option and it allows you to set specific spend for each day of the campaign.

Stay tuned for my next post where we’ll walk you through how to create the campaign and ads!

What is your favorite new LinkedIn feature? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!