eCommerce Beginners Guide – Part 4: Ad Testing & Promotions

Ad testing can be difficult for eCommerce shops who have a heavy promotional calendar. I often get asked, “How to test ad copy when I am constantly changing ads to accommodate promotions?”

Standard Tests

There are a couple of tests that fit neatly around promotional offers that I run as a standard in eCommerce accounts.

Description Line Promotional Copy

First, I like to figure out which description line my promotional text does best on.

To implement this I run two variations of the same ad with transposed description lines one and two for the duration of multiple promotions. This way I can see how placement of the promotional copy within the ad performs regardless of the promotional offer.

description_line_test2         description_line_test1

Registered Trademark or Official Copy

I also like to test the use of a registered trademark or use of ‘Official Store’ type copy, particularly on brand terms.

In the eCommerce space we often have to battle against competition from Affiliates, Retailers, and Wholesalers. Some brands are worse off than others, especially if the brand is experiencing brand dilution and has become the standard reference for a certain product. A good example of this is UGG boots. UGGs are now the standard reference for all sheepskin boots whether they are actually UGGs or some other brand.

Account Wide Testing

Once I have found the best placement of my promotional copy and whether or not the use of official language or the registered trademark symbols work for the account, I can move on to testing additional ad components.

I often design tests for in-promotion and out of promotion periods and develop ad copy standards for each. The best way to do this is to test account wide to give me the best opportunity to gather enough data to conclude each test. For quick analysis I utilize labels across all of my ad variations and excel pivot tables to distill the data for decision making.

I’ve found this to be the best controlled method of ad copy testing within highly promotional eCommerce accounts. However, I’m always interesting in learning how other people approach ad testing.

Share your tips and tricks in the comments!