Movin’ On Up: Facebook Targeting Moves to Ad Set Level

Logged in to manage a client’s Facebook Ads account today and was greeted by a friendly update announcement. Turns out that targeting, placement and bidding settings are moving from the ad level to the ad set level. Yes, you read that correctly. Targeting, placements (mobile, newsfeed or right placement) and bidding will be set at the ad set level going forward.

Here are the informative graphics you will find in Facebook Ads today:




This should come as no surprise, honestly. With the introduction of ad sets in February, this is essentially how Facebook intended us to manage our ads. The campaign is a holder for ad sets. The ad set is the holder for settings and budgets. The ad is for creative testing (image, copy, landing page). This update by Facebook makes this paradigm permanent.

My assumption is that Facebook Ads users have been incorrectly using the ad set structure (hey, so did I at first!) and this is intended to steer all of us in the right direction. My 2 cents? I’m 100% OK with it. This removes the likelihood of errors by having multiple ads in an ad set with varying targets, bids or placements by accident. Thanks Facebook!