Free Textbook on Yahoo! Search Marketing

And the hits keep right on coming – as if these other free resources weren’t already a treasure trove of a toolkit for educating search advertisers, Yahoo has just released a great free 43-page PDF eBook you can download here.

Yahoo’s synopsis:

It’s a guidebook geared especially toward the beginning search marketer, but it also offers tips for the more advanced Yahoo! Search Marketing advertiser.

Yahoo! Search Marketing Specialist “Sharon Goodsense” shows how the decisions you make with your account play a key role in your search marketing success. In this easy-to-read booklet, Sharon takes you through the steps of creating effective campaigns and offers helpful advice of how to make good decisions. The Smart Start Guide includes chapters on:

  • Getting to know your account
  • Building a foundation with strong keywords
  • Organizing ad groups for success
  • Writing effective ads
  • Making sure your ads are high quality
  • Matching keywords to your customers’ searches
  • Determining effective bids
  • Targeting your ads geographically
  • Advertising on content sites other than
  • Tracking your results