Google Ads Image Extensions

Google is continually expanding its list of ad extensions to give advertisers options to enhance their ads. One of their latest extensions that is still in Beta but beginning to show up in ad accounts is Image extensions.

What Are Image Extensions?

Image extensions allow advertisers to upload images to complement their existing text ads. Image extensions can help drive performance for advertisers, giving text ads a visual element that enhance their message.

These extensions can also be dynamic, meaning relevant images from your landing pages may be added to your text ads once image extensions are turned on.

When an Image extension shows alongside your ad, customers will see your ad headline, descriptions, URL, and your image.

When someone clicks on your image extension, you’re charged a cost-per-click similar to search text ads. The images in your image extension are clickable and are charged the same CPC as a click to a text headline.

How To Create Image Extensions

If image extensions are available in your account, you can navigate to the Extensions section of your account and click the “+” button to create a new extension.

You’ll see “Image Extensions” available in the drop down menu.

Select an ad group you want to add your Image extensions to. You can choose to either create a new Image extension or using any existing Image extensions currently in your account.

To add new image assets, you can choose between “Scan website,” “Upload,” or “Recently Used.” 

Click the image you’d like to use, crop to an aspect ration of 1:1 if necessary, then click Continue. You’ll follow these steps for each image you select.

You can select up to 20 images for your Image extension. Once you are done, click Save.

I’m looking forward to experimenting with ad extensions as they continue to roll out to my accounts.

If you’ve tried using ad extensions, let us know what you think below!