Google Ads Makes Reporting Easier

When Google switched over to the new ads interface, one of the elements I missed the most was the Dimensions tab. I would use those reports almost every day and found it quick and easy to find the data I needed.

With the release of the new interface, the Dimensions tab was replaced with Predefined reports in the Reporting tab. This was a less efficient way to find your data, as you would have drill back down to the data set you were looking at in the Campaigns tab once you were in predefined reports.

Google has listened to user feedback (I may have submitted a feedback form or two, or ten) and made it easier to transition from your campaign reports into the predefined reports. Instead of the report starting at account level every time you access a predefined report, you can now access these reports at the same scope of data you were viewing.

Let’s take a look at the two ways to access predefined reports and the differences between each.

Predefined Reports

Predefined reports were originally only available under the Reports icon at the top of the ad interface.

If you access the reports from here, the reports will always start at the account level and you need to filter down into your account from there.

The new addition is a Reports icon that is right above the data table. When you click on that icon a list of the predefined reports will ads predefined reports

When you access the predefined reports from here, they will start at the same scope of data you were previously viewing. For example, if you are drilled down into one ad group and view an hourly report the report will show hourly performance just for that ad group.

This might not seem like a huge change, but I am very excited about it. This makes the transition to the report I need easier and more efficient, saving me time in my day.

What is your favorite Google report? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!