Google AdWords Feature Alert: Undo From Change History


It’s a Thanksgiving miracle!

No, it’s not a perfectly browned and crispy bacon wrapped turkey…although I’ll never give up hope. Google has given us an undo option embedded within the change history!

Last week Michelle posted her wishlist for AdWords, number 7 was a clear wish for an option to revert changes made from the change history log.

7.) Revert changes from Change History page

Tonight, while I was browsing through the change history trying to figure out what happened inside one of my accounts that caused CPA to spike I found an undo button and I rejoiced!


So what happens when you push the undo button?

Well, AdWords reverses that change. The system gives you a warning that you’re going to undo the change and then it does. The undo button disappears and is replaced by a status of undone. The undo change replaces the original change log and a new line item is created on the date of the undo with an undo button to undo the undone (redo).


I don’t know about you guys but I’m stoked to see this addition in AdWords!

How will this come in handy for you?