Google Axing Valuable AdWords Tools?

I just noticed this within the Tools section:

What happened to Cross Campaign Tools?

AdWords engineers will be removing Cross Campaign Tools from all AdWords accounts on August 20th, 2007. This includes two individual features: Copy or Move Keywords and Ad Text and Advanced Search and Editing.

These features will still be available in AdWords Editor, our downloadable campaign management application. AdWords Editor is free to all AdWords users, and it includes these features along with a variety of other related campaign management tools.

Since users have told us they find the AdWords Editor platform more flexible and useful, we have decided to migrate all Cross Campaign Tools to the AdWords Editor platform.

The Cross Campaign Tools will no longer appear in the ‘Tools’ section of your AdWords account as of August 20th. To learn more about AdWords Editor, and to download it for your own use, please visit our AdWords Editor site.

If you have further questions about Cross Campaign Tools, please contact the AdWords support team.”

Problem is, I don’t see where AdWords Editor (the version released recently – 4.0) is capable of performing some very valuable global functions – like remove all keyword-level bids and default to the ad-group-level ones, or globally change all destination urls. We’re not just talking about a few esoteric ones – there are many, and they’re used often. Am I missing something? Will we lose capabilities like these?

I’ll check with our Google rep and post back.