Google Provides More Transparency re: Quality Score

Google rolled out another AdWords enhancement today – this one to make more evident why certain keywords earn a poor quality score. This one will help many advertisers understand just how closely they need to align keywords, ad text and landing page copy. Here’s the text of their announcement:

Many advertisers have asked us to provide more information about the Quality Score for their keywords. So we’ve answered by recently launching a feature that does just that: the Keyword Analysis page.

The new Keyword Analysis page gives you a detailed breakdown of your keyword’s Quality Score and how it might impact your ad’s visibility. Specifically, you’ll learn how keyword quality and landing page quality are performing and receive recommendations for improvement.

For example, let’s say a keyword has a poor Quality Score because your landing page doesn’t relate to your keyword. On the Keyword Analysis page, we’ll alert you that your landing page quality is low and provide tips on how to improve it. You’ll also see your Quality Score rating, your minimum bid, and whether your keyword is showing ads.

To launch Keyword Analysis page, click the magnifying glass icon beside any keyword in your account; then click one of the ‘Details and recommendations’ links.

(Click the screenshot for a full-size image)

And here’s an example of the Details and recommendations page: