#HeroConf Philadelphia: Advanced Excel

When I Learn New Excel Tricks.

When I Learn New Excel Tricks.

Last week, I had the pleasure and honor of speaking at HeroConf Philadelphia. I

presented about one of my very favorite topics: Excel! My presentation focused less on the formulas that I love and recommend and instead provided examples for ways that Excel users could get the most out of the program by building tools that can be used multiple times.

Most of us know our go-to formulas and features for different analysis needs but, let’s be honest, it is too easy to get swept away in the day-to-day management of PPC accounts, which can sometimes mean that we wind up doing tasks over and over again instead of pausing to take the time to consider if building even a very basic tool could help us to save time in the long run.

In this presentation, I show three tools that can be easily built with Excel formulas that you already know (and if you don’t know them, don’t worry there is an appendix with resources!).

  1. Search Query Analysis Tool
  2. Keyword Health Dashboard
  3. URL Builder

Take a look at these tools, replicate them and expand them for your purposes. Then think about ways that you could be leveraging Excel to build other useful tools for your needs.

In addition to building tools, this presentation walks through 3 free plug-ins and provides several other free plug-ins in the appendix.

Last but not least, I really highly encourage people to take some time to play around with macros. Macros seem to be similar to scripts in that they can be somewhat intimidating but so worth your while once you become more familiar.

Without further ado, check out my slides below and feel free to comment or tweet at me with any questions!

[slideshare id=61348180&doc=heroconfphillyadvancedexcelfinal-160426025450]