How to Set-Up Facebook Dynamic Creative Ads

A few weeks ago, we wrote about “How to Set-Up Google Responsive Search Ads.” Along the same lines, Facebook has a similar ad variation available with dynamic creative. This tool determines the top combinations of your ad components after delivering a variety of options across audiences. It constantly optimizes to show the best performing creative, based on efficiencies by impressions.

High-Level Overview of Facebook’s Dynamic Creative Ads

Here are the particulars surrounding the types of campaigns, ad formats, etc currently available for dynamic creative.

Campaign Objectives

Brand awareness
App installs
Video views
Lead Generation

Placement Types

Facebook Newsfeed on desktop and mobile
Right-hand column
Instagram feed
Audience Network classic
Audience Network In-stream video
Audience Network rewarded video
Messenger inbox

Ad Types

Single Image

Ad Components

Up to 10 Images or Videos
Up to 5 texts, each with a maximum of 1024 characters
Up to 5 headlines, each with a maximum of 255 characters.
Up to 5 News Feed Link Descriptions
Up to 5 CTA buttons

Dynamic Creative Ad Creation

To get started, click on the Green “+Create” button. Campaigns MUST be built via Quick Creation, not Guided creation. If you usually use Guided, you can easily switch over by clicking on the “Switch to Quick Creation” button on the top right.

Fill in your campaign and ad set information, then save as draft. From your draft, go to your ad set and click on the Dynamic Creative toggle towards the top.

Complete all of your ad set targeting, which can be edited later if you prefer. Not all settings are compatible yet with dynamic creative, such as Send to Messenger. If you select any of these, they will automatically be changed or deleted.

While still in draft, navigate to the Ad creation section. This should look familiar with the exception of the “+Add” buttons. These are how you can add all of your copy options.

For the images or video Call to Action, you can select all the variations you’d like to test directly in those sections.

Once you’ve entered everything in, go ahead and either Publish or Save Your Draft.

Dynamic Creative Ad Reporting

To see the results, navigate to the ad tab. In breakdown dropdown, head to “By Dynamic Creative Asset” and then select the variable you’d like to see.

From there, you’ll see a total line above for the entire creative, then an analysis by the selected variable.


Dynamic Creative Ad Tips

  1. Do not use copy or images that are too similar to each other. Otherwise, your results may not reveal a clear winner.
  2. Use short, succinct copy to help stop scrollers as they scan their news feeds.
  3. You don’t have to test every area. If you’re just getting started, go easy and being with multiple headlines. Then, branch out further as you get more comfortable.
  4. Add movement to your images to make them more enticing.
  5. Avoid text on your images.
  6. Make sure your pixels are working to accurately track results and determine the winner.
  7. Test the winning components in non-dynamic creative campaigns.

Have you tried dynamic creative ads before? What did you learn? Comment below to share!