How To Use The Facebook Event Setup Tool

Tracking events is key to determining the success of your campaigns. It can be more complicated for some platforms than others, especially if your desired outcome is not based on a URL (ie – a thank you page). You can get around this in some platforms by using Google Tag Manager to track your events or adding custom code to your pixel.  To track your events in Facebook Ads Manager, you can use the Facebook Event Setup Tool for Web, as long as you have the Facebook Pixel already on your website and have the appropriate admin right.

Setting-Up Standard Events on Facebook

Standard Code

There are standard events that Facebook can track simply by adding a little code to your existing pixel.  These include Add to Cart, Contact Us, Initiate Checkout and more. See the full list of Standard Events to know your options and how to add the code.

Facebook Event Setup Tool

If this seems a little too complicated, the Event Set-Up Tool can help.

  1. From Ads Manager, Navigate to Events Manager
  2. Click on your pixel.
  3. Click on Open Events Setup Tool.
  4. Enter your Website.
  5. You’ll be taken to your site. Follow the prompts to walk you through the next steps.
  6. The Set-up Tool will suggest events to track. In this example, I’m receiving a suggestion to track Newsletter Subscriptions.
  7. Click Review to be taken to where that suggestion is coming from.
  8. Click confirm to add the event.
  9. If you want to add a different event, click Track New Button from the Events Tool. The buttons on your site will be highlighted. Select the Button and the appropriate standard event name from the drop-down menu.
  10. When you are done setting up your events, click Finish Set-up in the upper right corner of the Events Tool.

Troubleshooting Standard Events

If you aren’t sure if your events are tracking correctly, from Events Manager, go to Test Events (under Overview) and you can see which events are being captured. If you don’t see your event(s) there, check out these troubleshooting tips.

Also, remember that certain business types are ineligible to use the Events Tool.  These include: investment banking and brokerage, insurance, financial services, retail, credit union and commercial banking, credit, financing, mortgages, pharmaceutical and health.

Overall, Facebook has made it easier than ever to track your events. If you found this article helpful, you might also value our BIG List: Facebook Ad Resources & Guides.

Have you used the Facebook Events Tool yet? What did it help you track? Comment below to share!