Introducing The New Google Ad Grants Dashboard

If you have a Google Ad Grants account, you know that one of the most important aspects of maintaining the account is ensuring that you remain in compliance. I had been doing a few manual checks every week on the Ad Grants account that I manage to ensure it remains in compliance. If you’ve ever fallen out of compliance for a length of time leading to your account becoming disabled, you know that it can be quite a hassle to get re-enabled.

Recently, Google started providing a Google Studio report that allows you to quickly see your account status and which issues might need to be addressed. Now, I don’t need to do each manual check, but quickly review the account in the Dashboard.

Access the Google Ad Grants Dashboard

In the Google Ads interface, you should see this notification:

If that alert has already been dismissed, you can access the dashboard by visiting

The first time you access the dashboard, you’ll have to Click “Authorize now” and log in. Here is what you’ll be agreeing to:

What’s in the Google Ad Grants Dashboard?

The Dashboard contains instructions on how to use it, resource links, language preferences and more. If you have more than one Ad Grants account, you’ll see them all listed. You’ll quickly see either Red X’s or Green Checkmarks to know the status of your account in a variety of areas. You can easily see from this screenshot that one account needs attention. You can then review one of three sections to determine what specifically needs to be addressed. The dashboard updates every 48 hours so be patient after you make any adjustments,


Google Ad Grants Dashboard Sections

Here are all of the sections in the Dashboard.

Section 1: Summary

Section 2: Compliance Policies

Section 3: Best Practices

Each section contains a link to this resource, which gives you specific details concerning each section to help you understand why you received the indicator you did.

The New Google Ad Grants Dashboard

Overall, I love that I can look at the Compliance Policy section and know with a quick glance if I have all the green checkmarks needed or if I need to take any steps to ensure compliance. The dashboard is also downloadable as a PDF if you right-click anywhere on the outside white section. You have other sorting options if you right-click inside of each section, which is handy if you have multiple accounts. I hope the dashboard is as handy for you as it is now for me!