LinkedIn Conversions Not Reporting?

The other day I added a new conversion type to a LinkedIn advertising account I manage (you can read a full walk-through on the process in this post). However, despite our CRM showing conversions were happening, they weren’t reporting in the LinkedIn interface.

I reached out to the LinkedIn rep in charge of the account and after some back and forth I was reminded of a curious default that exists in the LinkedIn ads system. Namely, that conversions don’t report to a campaign unless you specifically tell them to. Whereas Google will report all conversions to the appropriate campaign/ad group/keyword as soon as you’ve placed the pixel and Bing will report all conversions once you’ve defined them, LinkedIn doesn’t do that.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to do to avoid this issue:

How to Manage Your Conversions

Using my situation as an example (or say you’re an existing LinkedIn advertiser who just implemented conversion tracking), you need to go to EACH CAMPAIGN and do the following:

  • Go to an individual campaign
  • Click the gear icon to the right of the campaign name
  • Click on “Select conversions” (see screenshot below)
  • Check the box(es) to have conversions applied to that campaign

Here is a visual to help you out:

Again, I repeat that you will need to do this for EACH CAMPAIGN individually. I view this as a bug/shortcoming that will be rectified in the future, but for now you’ll just have to jump through the hoop.