LinkedIn Fixes Issue With Low-Quality Clicks

For advertisers running sponsored content campaigns on LinkedIn, you just got an early Christmas present. LinkedIn just announced they were fixing the way certain clicks on your ads are being handled.

What Clicks Are Affected?

For sponsored content that exceeded the character count, LinkedIn would truncate the text with a “see more” link. Here is a recent example from my feed:

Previously, if an advertiser was paying on a CPC basis, a click on this link was charged just like a click on the image, CTA or link. That was a little scammy in my opinion.

It was also a bad user experience. When someone clicked the “see more” link it took them to the landing page or opened the lead gen card. They just wanted to see the rest of the post!

Now What Will Happen?

These clicks will now behave and be billed as you would expect. A click will expand the post so all copy is visible and that click isn’t charged to the advertiser. The only downside is that this change isn’t happening immediately. According to Linked: “We will roll out this change gradually over the coming weeks.”


I’m glad LinkedIn is improving the quality of clicks because their CPCs are quite high compared to other platforms. This also aligns the behavior of the ad with user expectations. I don’t know why it should take weeks, but I’m not the developer.

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