Looking at the New LinkedIn Campaign Manager Interface

This month, LinkedIn Ads rolled out an updated Campaign Manager interface. The refreshed UI offers a new presentation of data  and campaign hierarchy.

Account-Level View

When you first log in, you’ll see a table view of accounts that’s much less bulky than the previous setup. You can sort by account name, company name, status, created date, or total budget, as well as using search bars and filters to zero in on the accounts you want to look at.

Campaign Groups

Once you select an account, you’ll start on the Campaign Groups tab. From here, you can select a group or use the tabs at the tab to navigate directly to all campaigns or ads. Mouse over a Campaign Group name for options to edit or view a performance chart (you can do the same within Campaigns or Ads). Note that you can no longer see charts directly on the same screen as data.

Combined Metrics

The interface now includes conversion and lead data in the same table as clicks, impressions, and other data, a long-awaited update. 

However, note that there’s still no way to break out click-through vs. view-through conversions unless you go to a separate “Conversions & Leads” view.

Charts & Demographics

If you’d like to see data plotted on a chart for one campaign or a set of campaigns, check the box(es) next to the campaign(s) of your choice and click the blue “graph” image at the top left (do the same within the Ads tab to view this for individual or multiple ads). From here, select “Chart” to view the resulting graph.

You can now adjust the chart using the dropdowns at top to display the metric you want. You can also choose Demographics to view data for any campaign, set of campaigns, ad, or ads.

Data Breakdown Options

You can now see data for the Audience Network directly within Campaign Manager on the campaign group, campaign, and ad level. Previously, this data was only available via a spreadsheet download and contained limited insight. Use the “Breakdown” dropdown above the table and select “On/Off Network” to see data broken out between Audience Network and LinkedIn.

If you’re running Carousel ads, you can also now see data for individual carousel elements. Choose “Carousel” from the “Breakdown” dropdown.


We’re pleased to see LinkedIn making efforts to improve their platform. In some ways, the new interface offers a more efficient approach to accessing campaign data. However, we’d still like to see continued improvements, such as being able to break out click vs. view conversions on the same screen as clicks, CPC, and other metrics. We’re hopeful to see continued improvement from LinkedIn’s team on the interface and platform capabilities.

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