Mac Users Rejoice! Bing Ads Editor for Mac is Here (in beta)!

This is the moment I've all been waiting for! (Yep, mostly just me and Kirk)

This is the moment I’ve all been waiting for! (Bonus points for getting the Deadpool reference)

Today at #SMX Advanced in Seattle, Bing announced the release of Bing Ads Editor for Mac! I can now officially retire my survival guide for working around the lack of an editor and can get down to some serious heavy lifting. Based on my use of the BAE in beta, here are my thoughts and feedback:

  • It’s almost identical to AdWords Editor, so there’s really no learning curve for use.
  • From time to time, it can crash.
  • The import from Google functionality is very helpful, but can sometimes have hiccups with Google’s Final URLs not being translated to Bing’s Destination URL.
  • Everything else has worked flawlessly.

To get access, you can submit a request to be added into the beta here. You’re Bing life will be getting better very soon!

Have you had a chance to use the new Editor? What were your thoughts? Share with us in the comments!