New LinkedIn Advertising Features are Here

linkedin advertising

It seems like every time I log into LinkedIn there are new features popping up for advertisers. Most of these features have been staples in other platforms, so it is great to see them finally available in LinkedIn. With Microsoft’s acquisition of the company, it’s likely we’ll continue to see more and more of these rolling out over time.

I want to specifically focus on the new features available within the Tools menu, which used to only contain Conversion tracking, but now has many more tools for advertisers.

linkedin advertising tools

Insight Tag

LinkedIn’s Insight Tag is used to track conversions, retarget website visitors, and learn additional insights about people who interact with your ads. Like most advertising platforms, you now only need to place one JavaScript code on your entire website to enable all of these features.

The Insight code can be found under Tools in the LinkedIn advertising interface. For detailed instructions on setting up the Insights tag, click here.

Website Segments

Retargeting has finally arrived for LinkedIn! Website segments can be used to build audiences based on URLs people visit on your website. You can utilize the filters “Starts With”, “Exact”, and “Contains” when building your segments.

linkedin website segments

Adding additional URLs to a single audience will use OR logic, not AND, meaning a visitor only needs to visit one of the URLs in the segment to be added to the audience. LinkedIn web segments will use a 90 day cookie window.

Lead Forms

If you advertise on Facebook, you are likely familiar with Lead Ads. Well, LinkedIn now has its own version. Lead Gen Forms will automatically populate with the profile information of the member who clicked your ad, making form completions easier than ever. Right now this feature is only available on mobile, where form completion can be the most difficult for users.

When you create a lead form, you can choose up to 7 fields to include in your form. All fields will auto-populate except for Gender which will need to be filled out by the member. You’ll also create a “thank you” page members will see after submission. This page can immediately connect them with your content or send them to your website.

We are just starting to test these new features and will be putting out more posts once we see how they change our advertising, hopefully for the better.

What other features would you like to see LinkedIn add? Let us know in the comments below!