My Wish List for Google AdWords and AdWords Editor

Santa & PresentEvery year around the same time people begin to ask what you want for Christmas. After the initial panic of “Ah! Christmas is so close!” we give them a short list, and come late December, we’ve gotten a handful of things from that list. Well, I haven’t been asked by Google what I want for Christmas, but I’m going to write my list anyway just in case it falls in a generous developer’s lap. Here goes. Dear Google, all I want for Christmas is…

AdWords Interface Functionality

1.) Annotations for the graph, similar to Google Analytics

2.) Date Range Upgrades
In the date range section, I would like a “Next Month” or “Next Week” option. Essentially, giving you the option to choose the next similar date range to the one you’re on without having to custom select it via the calendar.

3.) Call details as a single column on the regular dimensions tab
Currently you have to go to the Call Details section of the dimensions tab to get your total. Why can’t these just be totaled and shown as another regular metric on the other dimensions?

4.) Plot rows similar to Google Analytics

5.) The ability to use two dimensions on the Dimensions tab
I mean, it is called the Dimensions tab, not the Dimension tab.

6.) Change modifiers and/or bids directly from Dimensions tab
After doing analysis in the dimensions tab and finding areas of strength or weakness for hour of the day, day of the week, or geography, it would be easiest to just adjust the modifiers from that tab.

7.) Revert changes from Change History page

8.) Interactive Change History graph
Click on the day in the graph and it shows the changes made that day

9.) Get aggregate automatic placement stats lines when at the campaign level
Currently, each placement shows ad group level stats, so a single site could appear multiple times.

10.) Change campaign settings from aggregate campaign level view of settings

11.) Track quality scores over time

12.) Custom Metrics
There are tons of stats available, but having the ability to create custom metrics using both the numbers already in the interface or custom numbers from external sources. Personally, I’d love to be able to create a conversions/impressions column, an average conversions per day stat, and use lead scoring values from my external sources directly in the interface to evaluate performance.

13.) Filter by trends
Example: all campaigns with decreasing CTR over the date range selected.

Christmas Ornaments

Targeting Options

14.) Ad group level negative keyword lists

15.) Bid modifiers and/or exclusions on individual Search Partners

16.) Split Google Search and Search Partners into separate campaigns

17.) URL targeting on the GDN
Example: target all URLs with “golf” in them. In the same vein, exclude all URLs with “free”.

18.) Mixed Match types on the Search Network
Example: +buy “red shoes”. There are some instances where you want 3 words in all queries you match to. But occasionally, the order of two of those words could mean a change in intent so locking them in a phrase would ensure intent and having an additional root keyword gets you the exact query you’re looking for.

19.) Exclude session-based broad match

20.) Using Conversion Optimizer with PLAs

21.) Using bid modifiers with Conversion Optimizer

AdWords Editor

22.) Support for labels

23.) RLSA Bid only and Bid & Target support

24.) Demographics targeting support for GDN

25.) Topics targeting support for the GDN

26.) Support for all Ad Extensions
Call extensions, new expanded enhanced sitelinks, social extensions, review extensions, offer extensions, communication extensions, and image extensions.

27.) Shared Library Access
Negative keyword lists and negative placement lists.

28.) Ad Scheduling Support

29.) YouTube/Video Campaigns Support

30.) Ability to create custom audiences

31.) Ability to filter out ended and paused campaigns and ad groups
Bing Ads editor has the “View all active” option that would be fantastics in AdWords Editor. Right now, we can only filter our paused campaigns, but paused ad groups, ads, and keywords have to be skipped manually.

32.) Graphs for visuals of performance

33.) Conflicting negatives identifier
There’s currently one in the interface, but it can be a bit cumbersome to use. Having one in the editor would also give a preemptive check before uploading new campaigns.

And that’s all. Have an item you want Google to give you for Christmas? Share it in the comments and maybe your wish will come true!