Need Better Ad Copy? Talk To The Product People

As PPC practitioners we’re tasked with many things.

We research keywords to know what terms customers use when looking for solutions that our products provide. We write and test ad copy to find the perfect messaging that communicates how our product provides that solution, under strict character limits. This ad copy, though extremely short, begins the process which ends with a satisfied customer.

So how do you write better ad copy?

Typical Ad Copy Ideas

I’ve written a bit about ad copy strategies in the past and there’s no shortage of suggestions out there.

Most PPC pros will start by looking at the website and landing pages. We look for features that stand out from competitors. We look for benefits those features convey to the customer. We look at headlines, customer testimonials, email newsletters, etc. in order to communicate accurately.

But we have to consider: who wrote all of that? The content team? The Marketing team? The business owner? So in effect, it’s second-hand information.

Who might have better ideas? A more direct source of knowledge about the product, what it does and who it’s supposed to help?

I’ll let Steve Jobs answer that.

Talk To The Product Team

If you didn’t watch the video above, Steve Jobs talks about the impact that division between sales, marketing, and product teams can have on a company.

Look at some of the phrases that Steve uses around the product people:

  • Product sensibility.
  • Product genius.
  • Craftmanship.
  • Feeling in their hearts.
  • Wanting to help the customer.

As a PPC practitioner, talking to the product team will help you immensely.

They understand the product better than you and their everyday passion is to deliver a product that meets customers’ needs. The way they talk about the product is a great place to start your ad messaging. Not only will you come up with better ad copy, but you’ll likely also walk away with a better understanding and appreciation for the product or service.

What teams do you talk to when it comes to writing ad copy? We’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments!