New Facebook Insights Paid Data

Have you played with the New Facebook Insights yet? There’s a lot of good stuff in the revamped version of Facebook Insights including data related to your paid initiatives and data that will help inform your paid strategies. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll find.

Post Analysis

Post analysis allows you to gain insights into the kind of content your fans respond to and then use that information to extend your reach on Facebook. Remember, Facebook is a place where people come to consume content and share with family and friends. So the type of content you push to Facebook needs to be tailored to this environment. Whether it be in drafting new content you intend to use as a promoted post or simply writing ‘Facebook Friendly’ ad copy via other ad formats, you can get a handle on what may work best by analyzing your post performance.

Metrics and reports from the posts tab can help you gain some insights.

All Posts

All posts breaks down your latest post metrics by reach, clicks, and engagements. This information is great for identifying content that resonates with existing fans. Use this data to tailor future ad copy and expand your reach. Facebook is straight up telling us what your friendliest content is. Make more of it!

When Your Fans Are Online

Jackpot! Facebook is now revealing activity information by time of day and day of week. This is incredible information when planning the timing of your campaigns. Especially if this information is used in promoted post strategies or in conjunction with Facebook Ads scheduling features. If your existing fans are active during these times and you’re looking to expand your reach to the same kind of people, it stands to reason that ads scheduled at these active times will gain more traction. Worth a test anyway!


 Best Post Types

Facebook users interact with different types of posts in different ways. Also, the same types of posts can produce different interaction depending on the subject matter of the page where they are posted. Now we can see whether a status, a photo post, or a link gets more engagement on our Facebook Pages. This info is important when choosing posts to promote via the promoted posts feature, as well as in designing content to drum up engagement for sponsored stories.


Reach Analysis

Facebook paid initiatives are often intended to reach beyond your existing fan base. The New Facebook Insights provide insights into how your existing fan-base stacks up against the whole Facebook population. If you comb through these reports, you might find good information about which demographics may be most receptive to advertising or even demographics that are not part of the conversation.

Find new target opportunities in the reports on the People tab.

People Reached

Remember how important Facebook Personas are in Facebook advertising efforts for targeting the right audience? Well now you’ve got a source of information not only about the demographics of our Facebook pages, but how those demographics compare to everyone on Facebook and how you compare.

The report below, for example, uncovers some interesting information. This particular page doesn’t have any women in the age range of 18-24 following it. This could be a huge gap for this advertiser and a prime area to focus Facebook ad targets.


People Engaged

Another great new report unveils the demographics that have engaged with your content over the last 28 days. This is HUGE, you can see not only who are active fans are, but how they compare to the rest of the population on Facebook. This is another great report to help pin point demographics that are highly likely to respond to your advertising efforts.


Page Average Benchmarks


Benchmarks have come to Facebook! I’m super excited about this metric because there is no one better to measure against than yourself. These benchmarks are similar to the site averages we find in Google Analytics. You can now see how your advertising efforts for like acquisition stand up against average like acquisition of the page, as well as break down like sources to help you gauge effectiveness of your ad dollars in these types of campaigns.

Benchmarking is also available for negative engagements, unlikes, which may provide additional insight into how new campaigns or initiatives are resonating with fans.

What do you think? Will you use the new Facebook Insights to drive your Facebook Ads strategy?