New Features Added To Bing Ads’ Google Import


The Bing Ads import option was one of the greatest additions to the PPC world in my opinion. Bing has released new features to their Google AdWord’s import for a more simplified workflow.

Let’s take a look at some of the most recent updates.

Increase in the Number of Items You Can Import

If you are working with large accounts, you might have run into limitations with the number of items you can import at one time from Google. The scale has now been increased so for most accounts you’ll be able to import everything at once.

Updated import caps:

  • 10 thousand Campaigns
  • 1 million Ad Groups
  • 5 million keywords
  • 4 million ads
  • 2 million ad group-level and campaign-level negative keywords combined
  • 2 million ad group product partitions
  • 200,000 all other entities combined
  • 500,000 targets

New Items You Can Import

Bing Ads has also added new items to the import list.

Age and Gender Targeting

Age and gender targeting allows you to reach customers who’re likely to be within the demographic range you choose. Bing Ads matches most of your Google Ad Words age and gender targets, but there are a few differences you can see below:

bing ads import age and gender

Note that the AdWords’ age group of 45-54 will not be imported into Bing Ads.

Negative Keyword Lists

You can now import your negative keyword lists from Google into Bing instead of just campaign and ad group level negative keywords. When the checkbox next to negative keyword list is selected, the following will occur:

  • All negative keyword lists from AdWords will be imported. Negative keyword lists with identical names in Bing Ads will be updated.
  • Negative keywords from both Bing Ads and Google AdWords will be merged.
  • Bing Ads associations will be overwritten by any current Google AdWords associations.

Advanced Import Options for More Control

Advanced import options have been introduced so that you can select specific items you want to be added, updated, or deleted. When you choose to import new or existing items you can click “Show advanced options” and see all the additional items you have the option to include or remove as part of your sync with AdWords.

Campaign Options

New options have been added when importing campaigns from Google to Bing.

  • Do not update existing campaign names. If this option is checked, Bing Ads will not alter your existing Google AdWords campaign names during the import process. However, settings and sub-items linked to those campaigns will still be updated. Existing campaigns will be updated if the original items were created by Bing Ads Web UI Import after March 21, 2016.
  • Pause newly imported campaigns. If this option is checked, Bing Ads will pause newly imported campaigns. This may be a good option if you like to review your campaigns or make last minute changes before they go live.
  • Include paused campaigns when importing new items. When importing your new campaigns from AdWords that only active campaigns are imported. Checking this box, however, will ensure your paused campaigns are imported as well.
  • Leverage find-and-replace text in campaign names and tracking templates. For some clients, we have to add the channel name to the campaign name for external tracking purposes. Now we can easily update the channel name from Google to Bing during import.

Deleting Items with Google Import

Besides importing new and existing items, you now have the options to delete items from Bing Ads that have been removed from Google AdWords.

If this option is checked, Bing Ads will delete items that were removed from your Google AdWords account and the sub-items associated with them. If you had removed a campaign in AdWords, that campaign’s ad groups and ads will be also be deleted during the import process.

Bing Ads will be continuing to roll-out updates to Google Import, so keep an eye out for additional new features in your account.

Have you tried these new features? What do you think of them? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!