New Google Ad Features for Hotel Ad Partners

Search behaviors have drastically changes over the last few months due to the current pandemic. In response, Google has launched new features Hotel ad partners with the goal of helping minimize risk while driving future bookings.

Commission (Per Stay) Bidding

The piloted Commissions (Per Stay) Program allows hotels to pay a commission only if a guest actually stays at the hotel. Hotel ad bids are automatically adjusted to maximize booking value. This program is currently open for global participation by all Hotel ad partners.

Commission (per stay) bidding allows the partner to set a commission rate using the bidding strategy at the campaign level. Then, Google’s bidding algorithm calculates a maximum CPC bid to achieve an average commission equal to the partner’s target.

The commissions (per stay) strategy adjusts bids in real time based on a person’s device and location, Google property, geographic location, itinerary, and hotel price.

To be eligible for the commissions (per stay) bidding option you must complete your billing profile in Google Ads and Hotel Center. You’ll also need to set up conversion tracking with transaction specific value and submit a reconciliation report at regular intervals.

Free Cancellation Filter

In the next few weeks, Google will be rolling out a new filter called the “Free Cancellation” filter for users searching for hotels. The filter will highlight which hotel rates are refundable when searchers are looking to book. Google will also be making it easier for Hotel partners to share this information through they’re global partner cancellation policies.

These new features will help hotels navigate the current climate. If you are running ads for your hotel business, you can also find a list of best practices to utilize during the pandemic here.

Have you tested any of these features? We’d love to hear about your experience if so!