New Panama Features

This just out from our Yahoo! friends:

“Just a quick update on a few new features Yahoo! has added to the Panama account interface to help advertisers streamline account management. The new features will go live today,

“Move/copy keywords: You can now move and copy keywords from one ad group to another without doing the dreary copy/paste/delete thing. On the Ad Group page under the “Campaigns” tab, you’ll now see a “Move” button which will allow you to move or copy keywords from one ad group to another ad group.” Note that there is still a 1000 keyword limit per ad group.

“Streamline keyword selector tool: We now provide you with an estimate of the monthly searches on each keyword that we suggest. This provides you with more detailed information on the traffic that this keyword may be able to generate for you. As before, you can select the keywords you wish to add by clicking the box next to the suggestions and clicking “Add Keywords.”

“Ad writing help guide: When creating your ads, you’ll be able to preview ads that appear in search results for your selected keywords.”