Pinterest Sunsets Buyable Pins; Introduces Product Pins in Time for Holidays

Pinterest has made quite a few updates this year already and just rolled out one more in time for the holiday season.

Buyable pins were the shopping ad of Pinterest and were introduced in June 2015 (though released to general advertisers later). These ads offered a blue “Buy It” button that allowed users to shop without ever leaving the Pinterest mobile app. See an example of the buyable pin format below:

Pinterest announced in mid-October that new product pins will be replacing the buyable pin format. Now, when a user finds something they’d like to buy, they can click through to the retailer’s checkout page for purchase. These new pins will also include up-to-date pricing and stocking information. See an example of the new product pin below.

It’s worth noting that these product pins are rolling out globally across mobile apps and

Additionally, shopping recommendations will now appear beneath Style and Home pins so that users can find similar products they may be interested in. See a preview of what these suggestions look like below.

Shopping recommendations are live in the U.S. and will be rolled out to other countries soon.

iOS users in the United States are now also able to quickly shop right from the Pinterest feed using a shopping shortcut button. This is available by holding down a pin and clicking the shopping tag button. Once a user clicks that, they will be taken to a shopping feed with in-stock and related products similar to that Pin from different brands. This feature will be rolled out to Android users soon.

For pins that were previously in a users’ shopping bag but never purchased, those pins were converted into a Your Pinterest Shopping Bag board for safekeeping. Users were notified of this change upon logging in.


I think this is a really useful update that many eCommerce advertisers will be able to leverage just in time for the holidays. As an avid Pinterest user, I was notified of the change from buyable pins to product pins by being notified that products in my shopping cart were now their own board. I do think it would be useful to walk users through the buying process on the app, since some users may be unfamiliar with using Pinterest as a shopping interface.

I’m interested to see the stats on purchases made through Pinterest this year vs. last year this holiday season. I think this could become even more of a channel to target parents in if purchases are easy enough.

What do you think about these recent updates in Pinterest? Will you be advertising on the platform this year for the holidays? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!