Roundup: Brass Balls of the PPC Industry

Gasp, shocking!

Phew, with all the changes afoot on Google’s AdWords platform this year we’ve seen some PPC experts really give it to Google openly in the blogosphere. Here at Clix Marketing, while we may not agree with all of these accounts they sure make for some interesting reading.

Here are some of my favorite jaw dropping posts from PPC watch dogs across the interwebs. Juicy stuff, just in case you missed em!

Marty Weintraub and Lauren Litwinka

These guys have ballz…

Marty Weintraub over at AimClear is a really great advocate and he’s notorious for making connections where the rest of us might not. Back in June he pulled together a monster post entitled Enhanced Campaigns? Love Em or Loath Em, Kiss Your Sweet $$ Goodbye. He’s also good with blog headlines!

This post is basically a summation of all the negative press enhanced campaigns have seen over the last few months linked to Google’s climbing stock prices. Great read.

Matt Van Wagner

Matt may be one of my favorite PPC experts, he’s just so salty! I had the pleasure of finally meeting Mr. Van Wagner at HeroConf this past April where he openly aired his strong options about how, “Enhanced campaigns are bullshit!” He’s also been very forthcoming about his intention to play ‘enhanced campaign chicken’ with his Enhanced Campaign Waiting Game post (I wonder how that worked out) and even how he’s re-allocating ad spend over to Bing Ads in his Goodbye Enhanced Campaigns, Hello Bing Ads post.

Jeremy Schoemaker (ShoeMoney)

Enhanced campaigns aren’t the only thing that has Google advertiser feathers ruffled these days, Jeremy Shoemaker of ShoeMoney published a post recently about Why Google Should Put Their Money Into Better AdWords Reps And Not Upsell Reps. This post, while making the point that not all Google reps are bad, calls out the recent state of quality he’s seen from Google reps in terms of account management and optimization advice. Yikes!

Martin Macdonald

The most shocking article I’ve seen as of late has got to be Martin Macdonald’s #GoogleGate – Can you Trust Google? post. Where he includes a voice mail recording of a Google rep complaining about missed sales opportunities. I’ll admit, this one got my panties in a bunch. I hope this is just one bad apple and not a trend.

This one is a must read for sure, I’d love to know what you guys think of this one. Let me know in the comments!

John Lee

Last, but not least, our very own John Lee wrote about some annoyances he’s currently experiencing across the PPC landscape at large with his 11 Things That Are Driving Me Nuts post. Our headaches aren’t only with Google, they span across multiple ad platforms as this space continues to evolve rapidly. Dev teams just can’t seem to keep up and make the tools easy for us as they pump out new features at lightning speed and sometimes we just need to let it all out!

If you’ve seen any additional jaw dropping articles that I’ve missed pleas leave them in the comments below. This stuff is juicy and it’s always good to know what others are experiencing good and bad. If you need some rays of sun shine among the doom and gloom of this round up, look up anything you can find from Larry Kim over at WordStream. He’s perpetually an optimistic guy even through enhanced migrations!