Use PPC to Increase Your Social Media Followers

Hand holding phone and using PPC to increase social media followers

Your organic social media strategy can fuel your online efforts at a much lower cost. Followers of your brand will interact and share your posts, giving you extra exposure. However, if your follower base doesn’t grow, you might find your organic efforts to be stuck in a rut. There are certain social channels that can be very cost-effective ways to increase your in-channel followers with the right approach.

You can use paid efforts to increase followers for a few specific reasons besides just increasing your organic presence. If you want to support an upcoming event, busy season, or sale, you could use follower ads to increase your coverage of that event ahead of time. If you have a new influencer coming on board, maximizing your exposure to them is essential. Another reason might be to get alongside and/or ahead of your competition for when shoppers are considering their next purchase, they are more familiar with your brand. Those are just a few reasons, but there are countless others.

Facebook Page Like Campaigns

You set up a Page Likes Campaign in Facebook Ads Manager similarly to how you would any other campaign. For Objective, pick Engagement, then scroll down to select “Page Likes.”

Facebook ads manager panel showing how to create a new Facebook page likes campaign

After you select “Continue”, continue to set up your ad set and ad as you would any other effort in Ads Manager. Be careful to select the correct page in your Ad Set if you have access to multiple pages.

Example of a grocery store's Facebook ad

You can also do this directly from your Facebook page, but you have fewer targeting options setting up a campaign this way.

LinkedIn Follower Ads

There are two different ways in LinkedIn that you can set up ads to increase followers on this channel

Follower Ads

These ads can appear with either Brand Awareness or Engagement campaign objective types for desktop or mobile devices. They have a personalized feel to them since the viewer’s profile picture is included (unless they have opted out of allowing their profile information to be used to personalize ads) as well as your company logo.

Facebooks ads panel showing different ad goals

Just note that a follow button is automatically added to any Brand Engagement campaign, but you can select an alternate call-to-action for your existing followers.

Example ad for a LinkedIn ad with the goal of getting page followers

Follow Button on Sponsored Content Ads

You can also add a Follow Button on your Sponsored Content Ads to increase followers for your page. Note that they can ONLY be applied with the Engagement Campaign Objective.

These ads can be the exact same as your existing Sponsored Ads, just changed with the different button. You could also change some of the copy or in-copy CTAs to call-out the follow action by saying something like “Follow us for more great content like this.”

Example LinkedIn ad showing follow button

Other Channels

In other channels, there aren’t direct efforts to gain more page or brand followers but your paid efforts can help with these. In Facebook, you can boost your Instagram posts and that can help. In Pinterest, promote a few key pins and you’ll likely see your number of followers increase as well. Otherwise, if you post on each channel regularly and invite users to follow you when you can, you’ll be off to a great start without any paid help.

What have you done to boost your followers on social media? Comment below to share!