PPC Tweets You’d Only See on April Fool’s Day

We’re bringing a little humor to the blog today. Hope some of these make you chuckle!

You know it’s April Fools Day if you happen to see these tweets today…


You asked, we listened. To keep our advertisers happy, we’ll be migrating back to the old interface.



Our latest targeting innovations include “comment type” so you can target audiences based on the types of comments you want to include, exclude or create lookalikes from:

  • Future paid endorser commenters
  • Could’ve been better, could’ve been worse commenters
  • Eye-roll worthy commenters
  • Commenters whose comments got the most replies to get your ad more engagement
  • Irrelevant commenters who comment for the sake of commenting
  • Below the belt commenters
  • Commenters you hate to love and love to hate
  • Block immediately (insert choice word(s) here) commenters


Don’t forget that tomorrow is our first annual “Blank Image Day” especially designed to get more comments & engagement on your post as viewers try to guess the image based on the caption you write.


To serve you better, we’ve decided to stop recommending automation as the answer for well…everything.



Try LinkedOut, specially designed for all the introverts out there and those who don’t want to be spammed by connections who only want to sell you something.



Due to the popularity of question bidding, we’re excited to now offer Answer bidding as well where you bid on keywords/topics covered in answers that completely diverge from the intent of the original question.



Taking a hint from Windows, we’ve now created taskbars so you have something else to pin to besides your board.



In honor of our anniversary, we’re offering free ads all day in automated bidding campaigns only.



Announcing “Chirps”. Whereas Tweets are written posts, Chirps are a 15-second max audio clip that allows your followers to hear your voice, inflection, and emphasis to connect to your message more effectively.



We’re working on acquiring and integrating every search engine worldwide to get our search volume to 1/4th of Google’s.


We’re branching out to be a full-service soup to nuts ad agency.


Ha, ha on the last one!  No way. Clix has always been and will always be committed to staying focused on just what we do best…PPC advertising.

Here are some April Fools Ads that we like.

Here is a great list of 2018 April Fool’s ads as well.

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What April Fools tweets can you think of? Comment below to share.